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The cornerstone of any effective medicaid program is compliance with the law. No district wants to get caught in a position that jeopardizes the eligibility and funding of the services their students depend on. That’s why at Houston ISD Medicaid, our goal is for all district to be audit ready at all times.

We pride ourselves in a meticulous adherence to HIPAA and FERPA regulations, ensuring our clients meet every requirement for their eligible services. Careful documentation of not only service times, but key components like medical necessities and disabilities, ensure every base and angle is thoroughly covered and readily accessible. 

Still apprehensive? Test your district with our detailed and robust desk reviews meant to help our clients assess and enhance their audit readiness. Operate in confidence, knowing that your services meet the most up-to-date standards in medicaid. And when the time for an audit comes, breathe easier knowing the largest school based medicaid financing program in Texas is there to walk beside and support you through it all. 

We Provide Audit Assistance For

  • OIG
  • TMHP
  • CMS
  • HHSC
  • TEA


At Houston ISD Medicaid, our clients are more than just rows on an accounting chart, because true success cannot be measured by laws and numbers. As a school district, we understand the importance of relationship in the lives and learning of our students, and we strive to carry those same values into our vision of service. As a client ourselves, we consider the districts we serve to be our partners in providing better services and opportunities to our young people. What does that mean for you? A comprehensive list of services built around your needs and ambitions.

Personalized Account Managers

Our account managers build a rapport with your district, getting to know and often anticipate your unique and specific needs

Support District Infrastructure for Medicaid Programs

Any longstanding structure needs a strong foundation. We provide aid in laying the framework and infrastructure your district needs to create new, successful programs.

Training: On-Site and Webinar

We make learning simple, with a variety of training options both in person and online to get your programs out of confusion and into greater returns.


Of course, in providing you more, we can’t lose focus on the primary services you look for in a billing vendor. Our finance specialist are committed to nothing less than the maximization of your medicaid revenues, ensuring that your district bills at the most up-to-date rates for the greatest number of eligible visits. In addition to the best school based medicaid billing system, we offer a host of additional financial services including:

  • Prepare, review, and support for Yearly Cost and Quarterly Claims reports
  • Federal vs Local/State Funded Position Analysis
  • Comparitive Analysis and Cost Report Review Summary
  • Training in Medicaid Finance compliance and best practices
  • Audit Support and Desk Reviews
  • Verify the Certification of Funds
  • Support for MAC Financials
  • ... and much more!

Our System

Experience the ease and efficiency of

Welcome yourself to unparalleled simplicity and access with our easy to use online billing system. Available 24/7, so its ready when YOU need it, we’ve worked hard to create the most intuitive and robust medicaid financing program of its kind. 

Allow teachers and clinicians to record and submit eligible service visits from anywhere at anytime, even on their tablet or phone! 

PLUS save time with our user-friendly interface that includes bookmarked caseloads, visit cloning, and quick student lookup by relevant eligibility and service

Never be left in the dark again with over fifteen types of  reports in real-time, including Activity Tracking, Visit Details, Student Missing Service, IEP Reports, District Appeals and many more!

Tired of filling out lengthy handwritten approvals, visit submissions and appeals; or scrambling through files to check ARD dates, rates and eligibility? Our system makes the process of billing fast and easy, reducing the time your providers spend behind a desk and increasing their opportunities to serve the students who depend on them. 

Know where your submissions and claims stand with live status updates and easy to navigate student and provider logs. 

PLUS track and document provider notes, activity objective completions, ARD fulfillment and progress, transportation services, and so much more!

Online tutorials, FAQs, Step by Step Guides, and user training environment options through our online eSHARS University page provide an additional layer of support to boost your confidence in billing.  

Still have a question about using MyeShars? Your personalized Account Manager is trained to assist you, or contact our in-house eShars Support Center via live chat, phone or easy ticket submission.

What our users are saying about

"There's lots of flexibility to pull reports, collect data and create processes more efficiently."
"It takes the stress out of the billing process!"
"The visit submission process is easy and thorough, and makes navigating students' files, records, and history quick and painless."
"The website is easy. Everything is right there and self-explanatory. Very user friendly"
"Reliable. Accessible. It allows us to capture more revenue and with its user friendly layout and Houston Medicaid's training, our clinicians have been more confident in their knowledge of this system than any other we've used."

What our clients are saying about their time with Houston ISD Medicaid

"For the last 17 years I have worked very closely with Paul Sanchez, Charlene and Michael, and they are extremely helpful. It doesn't matter the time of day, or what the problem is, they're quick to answer and quick to give us guidance... We have a strong working relationship with them as we continue to bill for services and to reclaim that medicaid revenue for our district that is allowed. The team with Houston ISD Medicaid has been phenomenal in helping guide us in doing things in a timely manner and to meet all the deadlines that are required of the program... Having that security when you're dealing with a medicaid program in my view is huge; knowing I have that comprehension support.”
Elaine Smith
Compliance Officer - Ector County ISD
"They're in a position of knowing what is needed and what needs to be done to help you. They understand. Financially, they play a big role, because whatever money we're making off of SHARS goes back into what the district is needing for facilities, students and staff. It helps especially now because funding is so limited. I feel confident in Houston ISD."
Aracely Rodriguez
eShars Clerk - Weslaco ISD
"Working with Houston ISD Medicaid has been an asset to the school district in maximizing the school revenue. We have increased revenue every year since I've been with Pasadena and it's thanks to HISD. That's the thing. They know exactly what they're talking about because they're educators themselves. They're not just a random vendor, they're an actual school district, so they know exactly what other school districts need. Their price is great. The amount of money that we get back is even better. Their customer support is there. The ideas, the support, everything is there with HISD."
Magda Marroquin
District Manager Pasadena ISD

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